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Mere mortals may survive on air, water and food alone—but ever-evolving Tel Avivian hipsters require the fleeting, ineffable experience. Enter Teder: the pop-up bar, online radio station and impromptu concert hall, which six nights a week drops indie beats, doles out draught beer and cartons up ironic, oversized slices of paper-thin pizza to droves of thick-rimmed, headphone-clad 30-somethings in South Tel Aviv’s legendary Romano House.

Launched in 2010 by the record-spinning, party-producing backbone of the alternative music scene in Tel Aviv—Zak Bar, Itai Drai, Dror Sher and Shlomi Zidan—the once-mobile Teder became an overnight sensation among urban bohemians thirsty for good vibes, a refreshing underground playlist and a place to legally drink under the stars.


Romano House, Tel Aviv’s cavernous four-story complex on Jaffa Street dating back to 1947, served for decades as the center of the White City’s once-flourishing textile industry. As demand for Made-in-Israel clothing plummeted, the building, too, fell in deep disarray.

When Chef Eyal Shani’s iconic Romano restaurant opened its doors there last year, it triggered a crop of pop-up galleries and artisanal work spaces in the time-warped building. Naturally, organically, the chameleonic pop-up radio bar followed suit last summer, firmly planting its ever-nomadic roots in Romano House.

© Ariel Efron Photography


Between the singular Teder beat, Shani’s spectacular pizza (at once savory, tangy, crunchy and chewy, it is perhaps the tastiest in town), and the twilight ambiance afforded by the historic Romano structure, it’s unlikely there will be any letup of far-flung patrons, hipster or otherwise, driving the distance for this otherworldly experience.

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Teder, Romano House,  9 Jaffa Road, Tel Aviv | Facebook | Instagram:

Photo credit: Ariel Efron


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