Hadar Haochel

by Tallie Lieberman | 27.10.16


Let’s be real. While Tel Aviv is a far cry from Paris, city of quiet children or children begone, most restaurants in the White City tolerate – but do not cater to – gabby kids and their flagging parents. Enter Hadar Haochel, the kibbutz-inspired “Dining Hall” in the heart of the city’s cultural Golden Triangle – the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Cameri Theater and the Israeli Opera.

On sweltering Saturdays, which stretch as far as the eye can see, Hadar Haochel beckons. This culinary oasis serves up the best of Chef Omer Miller’s new Israeli kitchen, a mélange of Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mediterranean flavors, on long communal tables that invite (practically demand) dialogue and sharing. Here, the specials of the day are scribbled in chalk, the service is warm and fast – and the patrons, child and adult alike, are diverted and content.



After partaking of a golden schnitzel or a charcoal-grilled hamburger, kids may skip over to the arts-and-crafts table, allowing their parents to indulge in Chef Miller’s nuanced specialties: crisp sea bream fillets piled high atop a crunchy za’atar-seasoned pita on a bed of creamy labaneh; a single juicy chicken kebab served with punchy tzatziki and hot tomato salsa; or fresh fish tartar with roasted pepper gazpacho and a dollop of labaneh. Strong coffee, dessert – the fruit-of-the-day tart with fresh crème pâtissière or the nougaty chocolate mousse – and it is time to calmly (read reluctantly) gather up the troops and head home.

Hadar Haochel, Shaul Hamelech Boulevard 23, 03.696.6188 | Read more about Hadar Haochel in the Telavivian City Guide.






Photos courtesy of Hadar Haochel


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