Cafe Baccio

by Tallie Lieberman | 27.10.16

Cafe Baccio – a stark and silent escape from the chaotic hubbub of King George in downtown Tel Aviv – is misunderstood.

Belonging to the basement bars and smoky coffee houses of Greenwich Village in its ’60s heyday, Baccio is a throwback to a bygone era when customers ordered coffee – black – and were satisfied. In a landscape of cafes brandishing overly ambitious menus to sate the modern eater’s every whim, Spartan Baccio is a welcome retreat from choice. 


Order any of the excellent sandwiches, prepared daily, or, if you’re waxing nostalgic, the plate of blintzes – they are (seriously) just as good as your great aunt Esther’s. Cradle your fine cup of Joe, brood a bit and enjoy the sound of silence.



Cafe Baccio, 85 King George St., (03)528-9753.

Photo credit:  Roni Cnaani


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