Bread Story

by Tallie Lieberman | 27.10.16

Everyone has a story to tell. Bread Story’s is a love affair with—you guessed it—the most widely consumed food in the world, the bane of calorie counters everywhere—bread, glorious bread.


Nestled between designer boutiques on the corner of Bar Kochva and Dizengoff, just a few blocks north of Dizengoff Center, Bread Story is a green, leafy escape from the nitty-gritty commotion of the city center. A bright wood-paneled café, restaurant and bakery, all rolled into one, Bread Story caters to neighborhood clientele who share a hankering for crackling crusts that give way to complex flavors.


Here, the bubbling, red shakshouka, a perfectly balanced pot of seasoned tomatoes, peppers and silken eggs, is doled out in crunchy, hollowed-out “bowls” of slightly sweet fisherman’s bread. The succulent chargrilled hamburgers are wedged inside a choice of Gouda, mustard, ketchup or truffle buns. Even the salads at Bread Story rise to the carb-occasion: The Caesar salad showcases Gouda-flavored flutes; the fattoush—strips of za’atar-seasoned pita; and the beetroot—olive-studded croutons fashioned from baguette.



Not surprisingly, the sandwiches at Bread Story are its proverbial bread and butter: Order the Druze omelet in a pita, the fresh tomato and mozzarella caprese on basil-flavored brioche, the corned beef and pastrami on marble rye or the tangy tandoori chicken on curry-flavored ciabbata.




And just when you think you’ve hit your starch intake for the week, brace yourself: The “Sweet Breads” at Bread Story are worth their weight in carbs. From the dreamy bread pudding to the perfect New York cheesecake, the golden apple crumble to the airy gelato brioche, no crumb of dessert will be left untouched. The rest, as they say, is history.


Bread Story, 88 Dizengoff Street, (03) 514-8579.
Read more about Bread Story in the Telavivian City Guide.

Photo credit: Ben Yuster


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